Sahara Surprise

SAHARA SURPRISE is a company based in mhamid .We work in the touristic sector since many years and we organize trips , including walks and tours 4×4 vehicles, we also take you riding a camel in to the heart of Sahara desert.

We organize tours throughout Morocco, we will take you to interesting cities, historical points and to enjoy beautiful desert landscapes, you will also meet the nomad inhabitants of the desert, as well as our costumes and traditions.

The desert world imposes on us a whole culture to assimilate the most rooted in the echo of the eternal journey windings . Mohamed Mouloud Laghfiri comes from an atmosphere where nomadism as a design that reigns and governs . the connotation of the cosmos desert is built on a very intense time extension . His childhood was a plurality trying to bring together aspects of life as well as rigorous momentum saves its philosophical significance . In 1994, Mouloud will work as camel excursions organized in the region M’hamid El Ghizlane .

In this experiment where heritage conservation work and join the friends of the desert will enjoy a blazing authenticity will find it at the son of a Moroccan Sahara . His career will allow him to have a professional status with the creation of the tourist agency in 2003, she will be named the camp ” Dreams” by giving free rein to another façade of the discovery of potential full southern Morocco as well the rest of the radiating area. Added to this is the efficient commitment Mouloud shows each initiative in monitoring the local part of the small town of hamid . It is to know that our guide is officially a partner in the company ” large door Hamada ” .

After , We have created a company named “sahara surprise in 2012 Based in Mhamid el ghizlane



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